Pour nos amis français, nous sommes désolés, mais notre site est actuellement disponible uniquement en anglais.

Nous sommes en train de traduire tout en français et nous espérons avoir notre version française disponible début Janvier 2014.

Stuart et Louisa



Francais Organic Certification


We have always had a passion for food and cooking. 

Louisa grew up baking cakes and biscuits with her grand mother whilst Stuart learned to cook at his father's side.

This section of the website is where we will share some of our favourite home grown recipes, some of which will have been passed down the generations.

For us, recipes are guidelines, starting points for inspiration and creativity - feel free to change, amend or play with them as you see fit. Let us know in the comments what you changed and how it all worked out - we would love to hear what you have done with some of our family favourites.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labours in the kitchen - bon appetit!

Featured Recipe

Sausage Loaf/Christmas Stuffing

Image: © Stuart Hallewell

This is a lovely variation on traditional stuffing for Christmas. You can make or prepare the loaf in advance and save youself some effort on Christms day.

This doesn't have to be saved just for Christmas - this dish makes a perfect lunch or supper, served with a onion or mustard gravy, with mash potatoes and seaonal vegetables.

To make this dish more festive or wintery you can add a handful of chopped chestnuts, juniper berries or cranberries.

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