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Rallye Bio Open Morning

Published on September 2, 2013

Image: Stuart Hallewell

On the morning of Sunday 4th August we opened our gates and welcomed visitors to the farm.

We were taking part in the annual Rallye Bio, where local organic producers give guided tours of their farms and facilities and explain a little about their production techniques. Everyone will have produce to sell, with the idea that visitors will purchase a little here and little there and build themselves a lovely picnic to enjoy later that day at a common meeting point.

It was a beautiful summer morning and we were kept very busy showing visitors of many nationalities around the farm. We offered little taster plates consisting of our pâté on toast, slices of saucisson, jambon and coppa all served with refreshing iced tea.

The morning was a great success - so much so that a lady from Belgium cried with joy when she saw how happy our pigs and animals were. She is a vegetarian for ethical reasons but was happy to buy and eat our charcuterie because she had seen the love and care that we give to all our livestock.  

We will be taking part in next years Rallye Bio - please regularly check our events pages for the date and time.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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