Pour nos amis français, nous sommes désolés, mais notre site est actuellement disponible uniquement en anglais.

Nous sommes en train de traduire tout en français et nous espérons avoir notre version française disponible début Janvier 2014.

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Francais Organic Certification

Our Ethos

Our Ethos
Image: Stuart Hallewell

We believe that great tasting meat comes from happy animals and that the best way to ensure we have happy animals is to provide them with an environment where they can behave naturally.

Our livestock, whether it is our pigs, sheep or poultry, all live free range so that they can express their natural characteristics and tendencies.  Our pigs have access to oak and hornbeam woodlands where they can root and snaffle for acorns and other piggy delicacies - if there were any truffles out there, the pigs got to them first!

We believe very strongly in animal welfare and food provenance - we want to know where our food comes from and how well it has been raised. To this end we are involved in every aspect of our animals' lives - from piglet to plate. We want to ensure that our animals live as natural a life as possible and when the time comes for slaughter, everything is done to make sure that the animals are stress-free and relaxed.

We grow all our own animal feed on the farm. As landowners we have a responsibility to look after the land and leave a legacy for our children and their children. We try to work our land so that it will have minimum impact on the local flora and fauna - we are organically certified, so no herbicide, fungicide, pesticide or other nasties come near our fields.  If the local deer population want to nibble on our crops, then we are happy to accommodate them - provided they don't get too greedy!

In this world of corporate greed and industrial farming we want to try and break the disconnect between consumer and product - we want people to know where their food comes from and how it has been raised; we are happy for any of our customers to visit us at the farm, so that they can see the environment and love and care with which we raise our animals.  If you would like a tour of the farm please call us +33 (0) 562 07 15 19 or use the contact form to arrange a time.