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Francais Organic Certification

Organic Certification

Organic Certification
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We are fully certified organic farm, meaning that our methods and procedures meet strict standards for animal welfare, conservation and protection of the environment. It also means that we do not use pesticides, fungicides or other nasty chemicals in the production of our cereal and animal feed.  We are certified by Ecocert and are inspected on an annnual basis to ensure that we have followed the strict controls and procedures that are in place.

We take our role as guardians of the land very seriously - it is up to us to ensure that we look after the countryside so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty and splendor that surrounds us. This is why we have chosen to be fully organic certified - it means there is a transparency between ourselves and our customers, we cannot claim to be something that we are not.

Our whole production life-cycle from piglet to plate is governed by these principles:

  • we grow our organic crops for animal feed - ensuring good crop rotation to look after the soil and maintain local bio-diversity. We want to work in harmony with the local flora and fauna rather than against it. We do not use any chemicals on our land and are vehemently against the use of GMO crops.
  • all our livestock are raised free-range in an environment that allows them to express their natural behaviour - whether that is pigs snufflig in the woods, ducks swimming on a pond or chicken going broody under bush.
  • we do not use any growth stimulants, precautionary antibiotics or vaccinations . On the very rare occasion that an animal becomes ill we will seek to cure them with natural cures - of course, where necessary and when guided by our vet we will administer antibiotics but this is the last case scenario.
  • when our animals are ready for slaughter we will take them to the organic certified abbattoir at Condom. Here the animals are treated with respect and are handled so as to minimise any stress in the final few moments of their lives.
  • we prepare and butcher all our own cuts and charcuterie at the organic certified cutting rooms at Seissan. 

Useful Links

Ecocert - http://www.ecocert.com/en 
EU Organic Farming - http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/organic/home_en