Pour nos amis français, nous sommes désolés, mais notre site est actuellement disponible uniquement en anglais.

Nous sommes en train de traduire tout en français et nous espérons avoir notre version française disponible début Janvier 2014.

Stuart et Louisa



Francais Organic Certification

About Us

We are a small family run farm set in the heart of Gascony. 

We are producers of the finest quality farm produce whilst maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare and care. We believe that good food comes from happy animals and that animals are happiest when in their natural environments, with the freedom to be able to behave and express themselves naturally.

Who we are

We are Stuart, Louisa, Harmonie and Phoenix, an English family living in the heart of Gascony, southwest France.

We moved to France in the autumn of 2007 on a quest to live a more sustainable and rural lifestyle. After much searching we finally found our dream home, a farm situated in the rolling countryside of the Gers, with panoramic views of the Pyrenees to the south.  The farm came with considerably more land than we had originally planned and thus our initial dream as self-sufficient small-holders gave way to our adventure as accidental farmers.

Our careers as an IT professional (Stuart) and podiatrist (Louisa) aren't generally renowned as fertile training ground for potential pig farmers! However, we brought with us our hard-work ethic and a belief that every challenge is an oppotunity to learn. With the help and knowledge of local farmers and new found friends we have learned a huge amount about farming, the land and ourselves and we continue to learn - for us, every day is a school day.

So here we are, a few years later, after…

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Our Ethos

We believe that great tasting meat comes from happy animals and that the best way to ensure we have happy animals is to provide them with an environment where they can behave naturally.

Our livestock, whether it is our pigs, sheep or poultry, all live free range so that they can express their natural characteristics and tendencies.  Our pigs have access to oak and hornbeam woodlands where they can root and snaffle for acorns and other piggy delicacies - if there were any truffles out there, the pigs got to them first!

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The Gascon black Pig

The Gascon Black is delightful breed of pig, full of character with a very gentle temperament and an engaging curiosity.  It is an ancient breed and is the oldest recognised breed in France, originating in and around the foothills of the Pyrenees. 

The Gascon Black has a distinctive look - with a dark black skin and thick wiry black hair, a short, dextrous snout and long, lop ears that fall forwards to cover the eyes. The body shape is cylindrical, with well formed round hams and short but sturdy legs. All parts of the pig, including feet and…

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Organic certification

We are fully certified organic farm, meaning that our methods and procedures meet strict standards for animal welfare, conservation and protection of the environment. It also means that we do not use pesticides, fungicides or other nasty chemicals in the production of our cereal and animal feed.  We are certified by Ecocert and are inspected on an annnual basis to ensure that we have followed the strict controls and procedures that are in place.

We take our role as guardians of the land very seriously - it is up to us to ensure that we look after the…

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